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All Internet Marketing How to Get More Followers on Twitter

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Get more followers on Twitter

Okay, you’ve decided to work with the World and join Twitter. Great! You’ve setup all your Twitter settings, you have a fancy background, header, and profile image– you’re ready to go and make a social impact on the world! The question is “How do I get more followers on Twitter?” Read this Twitter How To below to achieve social media optimization for your account.

Why is getting more Twitter followers important?

To get more followers on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you’re successful. It does, however, broaden your scope to be successful. Having more followers means you can influence and connect to more individuals that in turn can send traffic to your website/location.

1) Determine what your business does.

What do you sell and what type of people are you selling to? It’s an obvious question. Questions like “is your business a restaurant?” or “does your company do e-commerce for beauty supplies?” need to be asked so you can determine the right person to sell to. Once you’ve figured this out, the hard part comes up next.

2) Find the right types of people.

The answer is simple; look at competing companies. Look at their social media channels and see what type of people are Following and Liking them. See what type of people care about what they’re tweeting/posting. The logic is that if this person likes this competing company, they are more likely to Follow yours. Try to figure out a simple demographic of these types of people because it can give insight into their lifestyle. Once you’ve figured out the right people to follow, jot down their usernames!

3) Make a list of targeted Twitter users.

Make a list of Twitter followersStart building a list of people to follow. Try to obtain a list of about 1,000 people because, remember, not everyone will be interested in what your company does nor says. If you’re having trouble finding people, try to widen your search to be not only product specific, but perhaps city/region specific. For example, if your Miami restaurant makes tacos, look for people who like eating tacos AND people who live in Miami.

A good rule of thumb is that only 10% of those you’re targeting will actually Follow you on Twitter.

4) Determine how often to follow Twitter users.

Once you’ve obtained a hefty chunk of people you want to follow, setup your own guidelines on how you want to go about it. Remember, being too aggressive on Following is frowned upon by Twitter and can result in an account suspension. As such, you will want to start slow for the first week and then slowly ramp up your Following behavior the weeks after.

A good rule of thumb is to only follow 25-50 people a day if your Twitter account is new/young.


(There are software programs out there that can make your life easier that you might want to check out, such as TweetAdder and TweeterNaire.)


Your next step should be to become an active Twitter user by tweeting good quality content (not just quantity), retweeting prominent Twitter users, and interacting with other Twitter users. Remember, getting people to Follow you is all chance based, but by specifically targeting users who already share an interest in the type of business you do, the chances will be in your favor!­


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